What are nozzles and how to use them on heat guns?

I guess everyone agrees with me when I say that heat guns are very helpful, right? As we have mentioned on our different blogs heat guns are not that hard to use, they are basically just like a hair dryer but instead of the low-temperature hair dryers provide, heat guns provide a lot more. Now, since we use heat guns for a lot of things, like paint removal, shrinking object which is small and big that means we can’t use heat guns on the same way for every object.

But does this mean we should buy different heat guns for different jobs? Well, yes and no, and let me clarify what I mean by this. By yes I mean if we have a small/basic heat gun that is mostly used for small object and we need to remove paint or to shrink any object then yes we have to buy another heat gun to do the job, of course as long as you want to do the job faster and better because you still can remove paint or do any other job with small/basic heat gun but it just takes a long time and you will need to keep the heat gun on your hand for hours.

And by no, I mean that there are other tools that can help your heat gun to do different tasks. And these tools are called ‘Nozzles”.

But what are nozzles and how to use them?

Just like we have mentioned before we have different heat gun models that are small and big that are used for small tasks and big tasks, and just like we have mentioned it earlier we have small and big objects that we may need to work with the heat gun. Now using a big heat gun on a small object is not that bad for that object, but in most cases not only that object will shrink but other things and object near it will shrink too since the temperature aim is just too big! Now here come nozzles on handy!

Nozzles are just a really helpful tool that helps to aim the heat flow better. But, just like there are different heat guns there are also different nozzles that can be used for different tasks. Down below we are gonna list different models of nozzles and how and for what you can use them.

There are different models of nozzles but the most used nozzles are these 5 that we call: “Main Nozzle”,”Glass Protector Nozzle”,”Reducer Nozzle”,”Flat Nozzle”,”Reflector Nozzle”.

Main Nozzle

By its name you have probably guessed that this is the most important nozzle if you do basically “main” tasks with heat guns. It’s really the adequate nozzle for most of the jobs. It’s big enough and yet small enough. If you are thinking which nozzle to get with your heat gun that would be perfect for general tasks then this is your go. Basically, it covers up to 90% tasks you can do with heat guns. Although if you are working on a very small area then make sure to check other nozzles as well, especially the reducer nozzle.

Glass Protector Nozzle

Another good nozzle is the ” Glass Protector Nozzle” and I’m sure that even with this one you probably have guessed what this nozzle is mostly used for just by reading its name. Like we have mentioned a lot of time that there are different models of heat guns and you can do different things with them such as paint removing and other stuff. Now, this nozzle is more used when you remove paint from woodwork. And as we know most of the woodwork have window frames.

And while we are heating the wood to remove the paint if we don’t have a “glass protector nozzle” they heat flow can also go to the windows and break it, especially if it’s an old woodwork. So if you ever decide to use the heat gun near any glass then its recommended to use this nozzle since it will prevent the hot air flow to go directly to the glass. This is really a “must” nozzle for heat gun since it can be also used for different things that you want to protect from heat while working.

Reducer Nozzle

One of the hardest things about heat gun is not doing your task with them, but it’s also protecting the other object as well while you are working. And doing this while working on a small area is very hard especially if you don’t have a nozzle. This nozzle is made for small areas, if you ever have to work on a small area where you need the heat flow on a very small area then this is your go. This will make your job safer and faster.

Flat Nozzle

Correct me if I’m wrong but removing paint from an object is not very easy to do. Especially if you don’t have the right tools for it. You are more likely to destroy one object than to remove the paint from it without the right nozzles. Using the “Glass protector nozzle” to protect the glass while removing paint is one thing. But you can also use “Flat Nozzle” too. The Flat Nozzle is mostly used to aim the heat only to a thin area which is perfect when removing paint from woodwork but also can be used for different object too.

But, take in mind that it will be really hard to work with this nozzle if it’s your first time using heat guns. But once you master it, it will be very effective and it will save you a lot of time!

Reflector Nozzle

I actually never used this nozzle, I never needed it but it came with the others. But some of my friends use it a lot, depends on what you do. This nozzle is mostly used to heat up cables or copper pipe. And it’s really effective.

Frequently asked questions

A. When you buy heat guns, do nozzles come free with them?
B. No, 90% of heat guns do not come with nozzles, unless its an expensive one. But on our review about the best heat gun almost all of them come free with heat guns.

A. Are nozzles expensive?
B. No, they are actually really cheap. And if you use heat guns a lot then nozzles are a “must”!

A. Is it hard to use nozzles?
B. No, actually they are very easy and make your work life better. Except for Flat Nozzle which I think is the hardest one.

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